Sunday 18 December 2011

Calling Don Quixote, and Other Would-Be Tilters-at-Windmills

I saw this on "Nothing to do With Arbroath", a blog that constantly picks up things that make me laugh.
No, it's not a Windmill, but it  made me think of how the brave Don, and Rocinante would have risen to the challenge. As some of my readers know, part of my life encompasses building sites, I go on courses every so often, to learn the latest wisdoms of health and safety. And you know, the people who build our world, on the bottom line, are often not the sharpest shovels in the bucket.
Here we see a great example. Usually operated by 'The Upside-Down Helicopter Pilot"
(we used to call him the "Irish Helicopter Pilot", but he threw his sandwiches at us, so we knew he was really angry, as it took him ages to get the most of the sand out of them afterwards).

One question that comes to mind is... What's happened to the safety device? Usually a tool like this only engages when you're gripping the lever. If you let go, the clutch disengages.
If the cable from the lever breaks, the clutch disengages. Somebody's been messing with this machine to override its safety devices. Stupid.


  1. You know I rarely watch these things ... but that was REALLY FUNNY! Thanks for the giggles and the smile.
    (Loved the commentary going on in the background)


  2. Adullamite: the age of the ever-ready cameraphones has a lot to be thanked for.... until I get caught doing something stupid, at which time it will be deemed unacceptably intrusive...

  3. RDG: I try!
    I thought the commentary was great.



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