Thursday 6 October 2011

A thought crossed my mind. Well, sometimes it happens...
Then I discover I'm not the only one to be thinking it.

Steve Jobs.

There's a plethora of outpourings of grief, and some steps toward deification. There's no doubt he was an extraordinary man, a visionary. Amongst those who are protesting about the disproportionate distribution of wealth, in Wall St and numerous cities around the U.S, there will be many who carry their ipads and iphones, who are tapping away on iconic white keyboards, devotees of the apple brand, people who see Steve Jobs as the creator of all that is good, versus Bill Gates of the 'evil' microsoft.

Well, think, good people, as you scroll through your gigabytes of itunes, Steve Jobs is toward the top end of the 1% you're protesting about. Unlike Bill Gates, he eschewed charity, and delighted, it seems, in the accumulation of wealth. Well, lets be more pointed. He delighted in the accumulation of YOUR wealth.

Muse on that as you mourn his passing.

(p.s. me? I don't own a mac, or any i-things. I find myself drawn to their good design, but repulsed by their price, their monopolistic software etc.)

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