Wednesday 24 August 2011

Rusty Truck Post No.2

I love old things. Things with a history, things with a patina, things which saw out other eras, which existed through times I can only read about. Like old cars and trucks.I can't tell you anything much about this car, I don't know the make, or the year, I'd guess 1920s. It's currently being rebuilt in hot-rod form. Hot-rods are a fun kind of activity, and a great outlet for mechanical creativity, but they're not really my thing. I appreciate the work, but I think I'd prefer it less brash and caricatured.

This one reminds me of the sixties, the Munsters, the Monkees, Beach-Boys, a whole era of cruising music, drag strips, greased lightning....

Another one, awaiting the re-animator.

They're in a little place in Texas where the wind blows hot, the feed-store closed down thirty years ago, and the train don't stop no more.

Even the wind-pump's seen better days.
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