Sunday 14 March 2010

On Blog Awards.

All over the internet, I see bloggers proudly displaying their awards. For the naive reader, that may all look pretty impressive, but the truth is less so. Anybody can create an award, anybody can give an award.
And pretty much anybody can steal an award. It's better than the Oscars! we can all win!
Over the last week or two I've had one of those Technorati "How Much is Your Blog Worth?" gadgets. If you click on it and go over to the Technorati site, you can input any blog's url (address), and get a 'valuation'. Ha!
How does that work? Techno has some complex way of calculating that basically looks at what links you have, where they go, and how many links the linked sites have etc.
What tripe.
However, when you cut and copy the code, in order to put it in your sidebar, you'll see the code is open to easy editing.  I've been fluctuating my blog's value daily, but I guess nobody noticed.
Just like antiques roadshow, it gives  you a price, a value. Let me tell you, a value is worth less than the mud on your shoes unless there's a sucker, I mean, a buyer, profferring crisp, fragrant folding money. And think about it. how much is your blog worth? to who? And why?
What use is it to a 'buyer'?
Your blog's value, its content, is you. If you sell it, and it no longer has you, or your writings or pictures, what is it then? what value has it got without you?
None. None whatsoever.
I am the source of the untold billions of value in this blog. 
Better give myself an award then.

No longer feel intimidated, inadequate, or impressed when you see some blogger's sidebar full of awards. You can have them too.

Get an award or twenty here.

Corylus Avellana Contorta

Also Known as "Corkscrew Hazel"...
For Jim, and to introduce my corylus to its bigger cousin in Kentucky.
My corkscrew hazel lives in an old kiln saggar.
I used to sell saggars as garden pots, back in the day, I bought them wholesale from Acme Marls, in Stoke-on-Trent.
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