Saturday 7 July 2012

My Google Search Ranking Triumphs....

I'm at number 1 for search term "fairies peeing in a cup"!!!!!

Total Visits:
Smyrna, Tennessee, United States
IP Address:
At&t Internet Services (99.**.**.***) [Label IP Address]
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Now, I may be pretty big in stuff about "Youtube not playing in Firefox", and I'm top on the list for searches about Gene Seski and his fatal crash with a truck load of bananas in Scranton, Pennsylvania. 
Google also thinks I'm the go-to guy for tractor-porn, despite my post being more satirical than actual. 
If you want to see how to get around "running out of space in blogger", Google sends you here. 
Neil Gaiman's Saucers, 
Subliminal gnomes... 
Camel Toe?
Oh yes Despite my feeling that I know too little about everything, it seems that in many areas, Google deems me to be the expert. What can I say?

Other than "Don't believe that Google always knows best!"

My most important question is "Why is someone in Smyrna, Tennessee looking for information on the cup-peeing habits of fairies?"