Saturday 24 November 2012

I'm De-Cluttering.


My radio has to go. The problem is that this one doesn't receive any programmes from after about 1945. It's all big bands and flamboyant orchestra leaders. Any time now, I'm expecting to hear that allied forces have established a beach-head in northern france, and are advancing under heavy fire.

It's a british military PCR No. 1.  
From PYE radio's website: "War-time employees of Pye Ltd are quite certain that the equipment was intended as an "Invasion Receiver", that is, a general purpose, portable communications receiver (hence the type designation PCR) , for use in Europe by the British 2nd Army after the D-Day Normandy landings, to receive military progress and information broadcasts as part of Operation Overlord, as the various divisions moved across Europe. The term "Broadcast" has a different meaning in the Military, compared to domestic radio communications, and this may have given rise to the popular myth that the design was originally intended for the reception of domestic broadcast signals. Recent information from British Armed Service personnel indicates that the set was also supplied by the RAF to Resistance Groups in Norway, Holland and France. This is confirmed by the Dutch Royal Corps of Signals Verbindingsdienst web site. It was also later used by the British Army during the Korean war.

Dutch Military Radio Museum says :
"Radio receiver PCR - 1.
used during World War II by resistance groups to receive messages about the dropping of weapons, agents etc."

I'll probably bung it on ebay and hope for the best. 
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