Thursday 17 April 2008


I said I'd post pics of cats only if they were doing stupid things.
These definitely fit the criteria.

'Briton' and Marjorie Smith

'Briton' and Tornado Smith.

I don't know who this lion is, or where.
Cool car though.

Rita the lioness, and Elias Harris.


Did you mean: backlogging ?

No standard web pages containing all your search terms were found.

Your search - batclogging - did not match any documents.

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O sorries Googil, i meaned catblogging.......bwahahahahameow-BOOOOOM!

(sound effect of lolcat stepping on catmine)

..... Oh?

Yes. I suddenly got a giant bunch of hits, a surge in the counter with people coming in via a link at Bifurcated Rivets, a blog of mystic and eclectic links that acts like a giant bran-tub.
Yes, bran tub....
Well go google it then..
Maybe I should have just said 'Lucky Dip'.
Thing is, Bifurcated Rivets has loads of links, but they often give little clue as to where they are about to send you. A bit like stepping into the teleporter and hitting the 'surprise me' button.
I've been zipping into cyberspace thence for.... well, years, I suppose.

Bifurcated Rivets? Eclectica for Epopts.

I recommend it.