Sunday 13 January 2008

Toward a Grain of Sand at a Blithe Spirit

"Toward a Grain of Sand at a Blithe Spirit"

Any bowling ball can
figure out a financial spider, but it takes
a real razor blade
to seek a mating ritual. If a surly pork chop dances
with a boiled grizzly bear, then

the tape recorder around a stovepipe dies.

Now and then, a judge near a tripod borrows money from a minivan defined by the bottle of beer.

Another financial photon,

the umbrella, and another

somewhat polka-dotted CEO are what




A submarine is South American.

Any vacuum cleaner can organize a rude cloud formation, but it takes a real tornado to bury the pompous polar bear.

Now and then,

an almost tattered
movie theater pours
freezing cold water on a satellite

beyond some vacuum cleaner.

Indeed, a briar patch takes a peek at the hairy squid.
A slyly self-loathing microscope self-flagellates, because a photon related to another insurance agent operates a small fruit stand with a plaintiff.

The warranty

ceases to


and the carelessly impromptu tornado ruminates;
however, some pompous scythe buries a paycheck beyond a bottle of beer.

If the food stamp over a mortician finds ice on the spider, then a jersey cow around the insurance agent reads a magazine.

When you see a scythe near a
traffic light, it means that a chain saw trembles.
Now and then, a prime minister finds subtle faults with the warranty.

A blood clot is resplendent.

Furthermore, a carpet tack

starts reminiscing about



and a tripod often throws a wedding dress

toward a grain of sand at a blithe spirit.

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(Spoems are poems derived from spam.)

These days Gmail filters spam out of my inbox, before I ever see it..... well, most of it.
But, in the old days of spam, I often though there was something poetic about the computer-derived chopped sentences that were placed there, to confuse early spam filters into thinking the message was genuine.
It seems I'm not the only one. Spoems are-:
"Spoems, or spoetry, are "spam poems" written using only the subject lines from spam emails. Some spam doesn't need any help, being inherently beautiful, but typical spam poetry is composed in the form of a haikus or even a limerick. This is Spoetry at its finest.
An alternate form of spoetry is written simply by inserting punctuation and line breaks in the spam message itself. This alternate form (also known as "Limited Verse Spoetry") is an exercise not in creativity as much as in having an eye for the unexpected."
(these lines are from