Sunday 19 September 2010

Fish/Bicycle: Results still coming in.


We think Mermaids might be commuting to work by bicycle.


This one, however, seemed abandoned.


No comment.


Still unproven...


This Vietnamese man advertises "Bicycle rides for fish" by the harbour. He is unable to keep up with demand and is now employing seventeen more riders.


This slogan alters the phrase, and thus suggests that a bicycle, non-sentient, has no knowledge of fish, and no need of fish, then a man would have no knowledge or need of a woman. Note the capitalisation of woman, the lower-case man, note how the t-shirt maker, and perhaps wearer fail to understand subject and predicate. The slogan on this shirt might be more aptly worn by a gay male, though even then it would denote enormous ignorance of how much his world is formed by women, and the bigger, much bigger, undeniable truth that no man, no matter how gay, no matter how much he rejects women, has come into this world other than by being formed, carried, gestated, within a woman. it's undeniable.  The slogan writer and t-shirt wearer need to sit in a darkened room and think that one through.
No fish will rub your back, no bicycle will bring you hot buttered toast in bed..


Older fish may recall Penny-Farthing bicycles.




Images of mermaids on bicycles are few. Photographs are rarer still.


That might be because they have cars.