Saturday 3 May 2014

"Nothing is More Dangerous to Men Than a Sudden Change of Fortune". -Marcus Fabius Quintilianus (Quintilian).

Fortune Cookies

A Bakery Dough Mixer
I have never put my faith in Horoscopes. I don't believe the relative position of the stars in the sky, as viewed at and from the place of my birth, can realistically be said to predict my character, nor my fate.

I hold no truck with the Tarot, nor Gypsy Rose Lee, nor the lines on one's hand, nor the disposition of tea dregs, nor the entrails of a chicken as guides to the future.

And especially I don't believe in Fortune Cookies.

Not after this, anyway: A worker at the Wonton Company's factory in Houston, Texas, was recently found deceased, in the dough mixer used to make Fortune Cookie dough. Foul play not suspected, "Death by Misfortune"?

"The Wonton Food company operates facilities in New York, Texas and Tennessee, where it manufactures food products including noodles and wonton wrappers, and is one of the leading fortune cookie makers in the country, making around four million cookies a day in its New York headquarters and a smaller number in its Houston factory."

        If only there was some way a fortune-cookie maker could predict the future?

(It was NOT this machine, but probably something very similar.)

p.s...... I learned this not by local news, despite being fairly close to Houston, but Via "Nothing to do With Arbroath", a blog which has been a regular read for me for years, I recommend it, and if you don't know where Arbroath is, then don't worry, because the blog is NOTHING to do with Arbroath.

pps: I'm aware that the event is, in fact, a terrible tragedy. But I can't resist making quips about the situation. "He was a crazy mixed-up kid....."

I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way.