Friday 18 December 2009

Rudolph's Secret Vice

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This via BoingBoing, I really liked these guys, I love the way in which the video is made, the home-made, yet slick production.
Mind you, I won't be buying a goat. I dislike goats, extremely. They always strike me as sinister, nasty creatures, more importantly, they're nasty little desert-creators. They eat anything. And they curse you with their slitty goat-eyes.
Well, I did live, briefly, in a house with a goat on the roof. He was on the roof of the sauna, to be more exact, had his own goat-ladder, which he.... or she, I never enquired... would mince up, in a somewhat mincing manner, to munch the grass and flowers upon the rooftop. Roofgoat and I regarded each other with mutual emnity. "Curried Goat", I would mutter, and the goat would belch something satanically guttural in return.
I'd have preferred a lawn tractor.

Um. Where was I? Pomple... pamplemousse is french for grapefruit.
I like them, check out their other songs on youtube.