Tuesday 12 October 2010

Smash Crash Bang!

I  was, a while ago, lounging in my bathtub, half asleep, reading a detective novel, sipping tea, and trying not to drop the book into the water, when CRASH! BANG! SMASH! outside.
What the? I could hear voices, but not what was being said.
"Call the police!" I think. It takes me a while to get out, shrug on some clothes, and step out the back door... Blue flashing lights..... Fire crews. Three houses down. I go round to the front, find a cluster of neighbours, five fire engines, two ambulances, two rapid-response paramedic cars, a couple of unmarked but blue light-strobing police cars.
Firemen, suited up, masked, coming out of the house yelling "Clear!".
Then the fire investigation team, more police....

The house in question is occupied by a group of teenagers. Nobody knows much about them, but it seems nobody was in.

Lots of flashing lights, curious bystanders, stink of burning plastics, I go back in, nothing to see here folks, move along.
My bath's gone cold.

And the book's underwater.