Saturday 14 January 2012

The Corn-Exchange, Leeds

The Corn Exchange, Leeds, was designed by Cuthbert Broderick, and completed in 1863.

On our travels, RDG and I have generally shared photographic duties, and it's hard for either of us to be sure whose is which. As a system, it works well, because we notice different things, and she sees things that I'm too familiar with to notice.
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Finding You, for K.

Some years ago, I found this poem in a book in a library, I was not a member of that library, I could not borrow the book,  but I wanted to share that poem, so I clicked a furtive photograph. Alas, I forgot to write the name of the poet... 
I can't give credit for these words. I wish I could. In fact, until I found the original picture, I'd even forgotten that I found it in a library, I'd thought I'd found it framed on the wall in a hospital. 
If anybody knows who the poet is, I'd be grateful to hear. Google doesn't have a clue.
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Ladies Daintily Settling a Difference.

Probably over who gets first rights to drop her lace hankie in Ebeneezer Soubriquet's path.

14th/21st Sausage Delivery Corps, 1917

Back in the old days, before the miniaturisation of military ration sausages had been perfected, the Sausage Delivery Corps could be relied on to deliver sausages anywhere, no matter the terrain, no matter the battle raging. Here we see a medium pork with herbs being carried toward the front line. The Germans, known for their sausage technology, had nothing to match this mighty comestible.
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