Friday 3 May 2013

So, When You're Not Demolishing Things, What Do You Do?

This is what those wooden stairs were resting on.
Moth-eaten steels.

Here we have an old industrial building. Pretty much nothing has been done to this space since the 1970s, the last tenant was a screenprinter. He's moved out, to a smaller unit (this one is about three times the size that you see here).
So what do I do? Well, a bit of everything, to change that space into....


Last jobs today before handing over were fitting the blinds and assembling furniture. 

A 'Windows' theme?

 Meeting room.

Office kitchen

 Psychedelia from my Google Nexus 4 phone-camera.... I'm still figuring out the 3D Panorama stuff.

Yes, I'll get tired of it, but I only discovered the spherical imaging ability today.
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