Sunday 16 September 2012

Ladies! Professor Souberquit's Patent Boobie Enhancer!

Ladies, the perfect bosom is absolutely within your grasp, right now! All you need to do,  is to send a small sum, (less than the price of a medium sized family car!), to Soubriquet Labs Inc., and you will receive the Prefessor's patented 'booby-moulder'. Just fill it with industrial-grade silicone, (supplied), connect to a standard wall-outlet, and delight in its wonderful massaging powers as it rebuilds your profile to the 'Marilyn', 'Madonna', or any one of a hundred settings.

As you will see, from our ad in French, below, using it is sheer and utter delight.
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So, it's the fourties, and it's the future and we'll all have flying cars!

Not so much, then.

R.I.P. the 1947 Convaircar.
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