Wednesday 20 October 2010

A thing that makes no sense.

I was in the supermarket, hungry, which is a bad thing to be when pushing a trolley, because all sorts of things you'd never normally buy suddenly seem like a good idea.
And no, ladies, I'm a man, of course i don't have a list. Nor am I absolutely sure what's already in my kitchen... So I'm going to get amounts of stuff I have already, but hey, I like it, so it'll get eaten... Well, maybe not, maybe it will go mouldy and I'll chuck it out, like the grapes that were such a bargain.....

Anyway, the point of this was... I was looking at frozen pizzas, no, I didn't buy any, I was just ogling them... And- there's a whole genre of "stonebaked" pizzas.
But the damn things are frozen, pasty things with unmelted cheese atop them.  Stonebaked? If I had a stone oven, they might be. Otherwise they're going to be electrically steelbaked pizzas.
Do they make the pizza dough, sling it onto a hot stone for ten seconds, then chuck some toppings on, bag it and freeze it? Because it seems to me that I'd be  the pizza baker, not Goodfellas.