Saturday 18 June 2011

Did You Miss Me?

That's because you flinched when you squeezed the trigger.....

Here's some music whilst I ponder something to post.

I know that I found it tiresome when I was a teenager to have grown-ups rubbishing the music of my generation, but.... I was just boredly flicking through music channels on the tv... From Lady Gaga to niggaz with their pants around their kneez. What a load of crap. And so many of them "singing" with electronically distorted (autotuned) voices, because they can't really sing. The emphasis all on dance moves, costumes, fancy stage sets, lasers, lighting, fog...
Because there's really nothing there, beneath it all. Emperor's new clothes. And every band sounds like the last one.
And I was thinking, as I so often do, like an old fogey... that "It was better back in my day".
Well, there was plenty of crap around. loads of it, to be honest, but. It was more honest. People got up on stage and played and sang. There was nothing to hide behind, no computer auto correcting your bum notes, no pitch tweaking.
I was thinking of bands I saw back then, music I taped onto cassettes at friend's houses, oh yes "home taping is killing the music industry", it's my fault. When I went to college, I took a big box of cassettes, we were all swapping tapes. And we saw bands.
I know. We've been here before, I keep ranting about it. bands. Pink Floyd... David Bowie, Rod Stewart, Moody Blues, The Who, Rolling Stones....
They all played in venues like university dining halls, turned up with a couple of vans, one for the band, one for the equipment. Not 52 40 ton trucks and a corporate jet.
The hall I saw the Moody Blues in was a moderate-sized lecture-theatre. The only concession to rock'n'roll was the psychedelic oil-bubble projector, and the dry ice machine.
Here's a couple of songs. First one's from Britain's 1970 answer to Woodstock, the Isle of Wight Festival.