Wednesday 31 January 2007

Pam's Moods, Kilburn & The High Roads feat. Ian Dury, 1975.

Stop press:I did some comparing and fiddling with the html, which is a mystery to me, and killed the autoplay. Hooray. I realise, for many of you, that's something you can do with your eyes shut. But I'm rather pleased with myself...
In case, just in case you're wondering, I didn't want this to autoplay.... and I don't know enough to tweak the code provides. They do two forms.. Play on demand or autoplay. The p.o.d., code doesn't pop the player up at all. So please don't curse me for autostarting music, I'm against it too. The alternative is to kill this post.... Well, I could go interactive. Mythical reader? leave a comment. first ten comments, (from different people) in favour of killing it or keeping it, I'll act. I'm fairly safe there. I'm not convinced that many people care either way.
Comments generally would be nice though, about any of the posts, or almost anything....

When me and Pam
Are hand in hand
We make a lovely pair
But when we fight
Her awful spite
Is more than I can bear

She give me the business, I lose all self control
The curse of fifty witches making wormwood of my soul

A life of broken china sneering yellow hate
Ohh, derision and contumely, things that nauseate

Ruptures of the psyche, vexation in the head
Poison in my coffee and needles in my bed
Mischief in the midriff, tensions of the spine
Ohhh, underhand aspersions that really are unkind

Pam’s moods ,
Pam's moods,
Pam’s moods ,
Pam's moooooods,

An abject little toady her scolding makes of me
Ooooh, why is she so bitter every time we disagree?

Pam’s moods etc... lots of times........