Friday 19 August 2011

Rusty Old Truck Post No1

I love old cars and trucks, just as I love old houses. This truck we found by the roadside in a quiet little bit of old Texas. Sam Houston's old house is about half a mile away, Texas' fight for independence started near here, on the banks of the Brazos river, About a mile to the east is the tiny town of Independence, Tx.
I explained to the Red Dirt Girl that the truck probably just needed air in the tyres, gas in the tank, juice in the battery, and a bit of coaxing.

I liked the house too, with another old truck hiding under greenery at the side. I bet that house was full of neat stuff!

Offer a few dollars, borrow a trailer.....
Maybe a weekend or two, and a couple of cans of paint from Home Depot.

See? Amazing what you can do in a weekend with a bit of elbow grease and fifty cups of tea.
Next one we do has to be red, she says. XXXX!
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I like this twice too.