Friday 13 June 2008

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I deleted a post. Nobody noticed.

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Firefox 3 not playing You-Tube Videos -Easy Fix!

30th june. This works, people.
And I'm not a geek, just an ordinary person. Stop looking for complex solutions, the problem is a simple one, the fix is simple too. you don't need any specialist knowledge, just read down, and in a few minutes you can have videos and music playing again.
This seems to be the most read post I ever did, and ooooh... several people happen by each day. Most don't bother to tell me if it worked, but some did, and
nobody* so far has told me it doesn't.
By the way... If you were looking for a techie blog... this isn't it. It's a... it's... oh I don't know.
It is what it is.
and that's all.

(* Since then, there's been some more feedback, and some failures, but still, the majority seem to be fixed.)
November 2010: Start here! First try disabling Adblock, if you have it, and reloading the page. Adblock is the answer for a lot of people, if you've blocked an ad which uses flash, you may have accidentally set a global rule which leads adblock to block all flash content, which, of course, includes you-tube. This has worked for a lot of people. If it doesn't work for you, read on.

Firefox 3 beta is proving to be the best browser I have yet tried. I don't use Internet Explorer, I've tried Safari and it's.. meh! okay i suppose. Firefox 1 kept tripping over its own toes, and Firefox 2 had a nasty tendency to use ever increasing lumps of memory until it crashed.

However, F3 had been displaying an annoying streak when it came to playing Youtube and other flash-based videos. it would start to load, play about three seconds, without sound... then freeze.

Sometimes re-starting F3 fixed it, sometimes a reboot fixed it. I tried removing all the plugins, in case it was a conflict. no help...
There were a lot of people foaming at the mouth over this problem, according to google, and a plethora (oooh plethora!) of unhelpful answers.

What seems to have worked is this. Go to:-
Download the flashplayer uninstaller, and uninstall flash.
Reboot and then download and install Flashplayer 10.0 beta.

April 7th 2009... Still lots of people coming here after googling Firefox/Youtube, It really is time for Firefox and Adobe Flash/Shockwave problems to be a thing of the past. This fix that works for me seems to work for the great majority of commenters, but not for all.
It's easy enough to try, and if it doesn't work, you've lost a few minutes, that's all.
Once again, I'm no expert, just a guy who spent a lot of hours muttering and cursing until I figured out a solution. The object of this post is to save some of you, hopefully most of you, the wasted time and seething frustration I suffered before finding a fix.
Comment, Dammit, let others know if it did or did not work for you.
(older):- Update..
I notice quite a few visitors coming by after googling for help on the firefox/youtube problem. Nobody so far has left any feedback. Help with problems is greatly improved by feedback. You googled it, but you don't know if my fix will work for you, only that I claim it worked for me... but of course, I might be lying, or the problem on my system might not be the same as yours. What you need is corroboration of my claim, in order to decide whether to try it. You need other people to say... "Wow! It worked, my videos are playing again." or "That Soubriquet is an idiot, this doesn't work."
If three people comment... well, we'll see if it's more likely, or less likely to be the answer.
If you want to help other people, and, incidentally, make the internet a better place by some tiny infinitesimal degree, then please, if you try this, come back, leave a comment as to whether it did, or did not work for you.
Commenting is free, doesn't hurt, and is actually quite easy to do.

July 30th 2009..

STOP PRESS! Flashplayer Ten is out of beta. (Note added 29th October 2008)