Tuesday 5 January 2010

Down into the Dungeon...

Where I have a little store. The company chairman thinks this is a works-related store. Well, I do occasionally store a few tools or materials in here for work, but really its my stuff, that I've got no room for at home at the moment. Roll on the lottery win.

Oh. and images in this post are all over the place. It's because I did it using Picasa, and Blogger-in-draft, and I can't figure out how to edit the html to get them to do what i want them to do.

The basement...
And the store

I just accumulate stuff. It's not my fault. There's a v8 engine, a motorbike trailer, must get that ebayed.... Tools Tools Tools A Landrover hardtop and rear door, A landrover SWB roof-rack...

Pottery materials, oxides.

a roll of 1350 degree celsius rated fiberfrax

Kiln furniture

Cane Handles, the circuit board was part of a kiln vent control system a geek friend made for me.

Ceramics Review back issues and a Lewis Chess Set cast in resin and aged by mine own fair hands.

 Ah- look! A test piece for the house-portraiture in 2/3 scale, a landscape bowl with an island in the middle, a bisqued (in 1989) teapot...

there's some other stuff there, my ancient books and newspapers.

 This is "Acta Eruditorum", of February1684, the equivalent in its day, of Scientific American.
The book is in Latin, in those days the universal language of the learned, though the second paragraph is in Swedish.
I have about three or maybe four bound editions from the 1680s.
Its a long story. I saved these and some other books and papers from destruction.