Monday 26 February 2007

The Snail's Dream.

Minuscule - Le rêve de l'escargot

Removed by Blogger Control, without explanation.
Presumably someone objected on copyright grounds?
But nobody told me.
Futurikon's films are out there. On the web.
In the public domain. I'd see my post here as a free advertisement for them, I presume somebody feels that in some unknown way this is depriving them of revenue?
I doubt it does, or did.
But I leave you with this thought.
You can watch their animations because they themselves put them on the web.
And I found dozens of sites, including their own.

Even Snails Have Dreams.

Thomas Szabo and Hélène Giraud are the originators of this animation. It's part of a series, by Futurikon
Previously posted on Grit in the Gears.. Was this one, The Ladybird. No they killed that one too.
I'll post another.... soon. No I probably won't.

Funnily enough it's still available on the site where I found it.

I get this feeling about Memes