Wednesday, 27 December 2006

Everyday Entertainments for Small Beetles

Don't worry, the newness will soon wear off, and I'l become a desultory blogger with years between posts. But just now I'm fooling myself into thinking I'm learning a new skill, and that counts as education and self-improvement. Thereby rendering messing about with a computer a positive act, rather than the default activity of a bloke who's avoiding doing domestic chores and is oblivious to encroaching chaos in his home.
So in my self improving strolls about the internet, I came across a neat little film, about a little red beetle. (Coccinellidae. 40 different species in Britain alone.)
Here in England, it would be called a Ladybird. We like them, they keep or roses free of aphids.
Children sing:
"Ladybird ladybird fly away home,
Your house in on fire and your children are gone,
All except one and that's little Ann,
For she crept under the frying pan."

The Ladybird in the film is not one who would fall for that cruel joke though.

Minuscule - Ladybug - The funniest home videos are here>

There's a lot of stuff yet to come on their start page, so play around a bit. One thing I liked. The start-page scene changes with the time of day. A little while ago it was golden, the sun setting. Now it's dark, the birds and insects seem to be chirruping differently too.

I predict a great future for these guys.
Love the sounds.
I think the flies have a Rolls Royce Merlin aero engine.


  1. That was amazing!! thanks for the link.

  2. Strange as it may seem, Rose of mystery, At exactly the same time my computer went 'Bing!' to say you'd left this, I'd just left a comment on your site and had my virtual spanners and screwdrivers out, taking apart your clock... I liked the embedded music player, but I'm not so keen on the music it was playing, so I've got a version of that in my swag-bag, and with my stripey jumper and mask, I'm shinning down your drainpipe now, with the family silver, to try glue a music player in my page. And maybe a clock.
    I'm just a bit concerned that I'll go over the top and fill the page with a disneyland of knobs, whistles, and flashing lights. I'll trust you to give me a polite nudge, then, and whisper- "Too much"

  3. no probs...i think it will all look great in the end. you can alos try uploading your mp3 music files here:

    and use their code to play on ur blog. look at mystic rose blog again(ina few minutes) to give u an idea.


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