Friday 7 September 2007

Revisited: The Sisterhood of the Pointy Heels

You may recall that I spoke of the "Sisterhood of the Pointy Heels" long ago.
This once-secret movement, is now growing in power, and confidence.
They are marching and training openly, across the globe.

They even had a short-lived blog on Blogger a while back, I recall.
I suspect one of our blogosphere's number, recently having announced a break from blogging, was in fact called up for Officer Training.
She has been for some time, blogging, amongst other things about shoes, and seems particularly attached to the pointy heeled variety.

Sisterhood graduation. The senior Officer is not a man, but is in fact an undercover spy, called Mildred X, and is a special forces officer, trained in the infiltration of male-dominated militias.

Note the wearing of non-standardised footwear.- As we know, matching shoes with another woman is just not to be contemplated. No standard-issue Blahniks here.

Although there IS a uniform code, stockings, waistlines, hemlines (and shoes!) seem not to be regulated.

The Airforce operate in a sunny warm place, called the "cockpit", perfect for working on a tan, and evening out the skintones. (the Jimmy Choos are packed with the parachute).

The 5th-15th Forward Oriental Can-Can Regiment, on parade. Calf length boots are de rigueur for these crack troops, whose high kick advance is invincible.

The Camouflage division know the vital importance of ice-cream to forward troops.
This Ice Cream van is air-portable, and dropped by parachute into operational zones.

Engineers here are seen crocheting a camouflaged tank-cosy.

Tank Crew-members relaxing after a sortie into male-held territory
(on a "bring your toddler to work" day)

The Sistehood's jet crews found larger jets a bit pesky to park, so pointy-heeled aviation designers came up with an easier version. We catch these two right at the very moment of take-off, in early flight trials. Expendable male test pilots are used until all the glitches are ironed out.

Shoe-phones are standard issue. Hairdressing and waxing appointments are on the red "hotkeys" at the bottom of the keypad.

The phone doubles as a weapon. It can be hurled a surprising distance.

Why this post?
Just a reminder, ladies, You're not un-noticed.
We men have a defence strategy worked out. It might involve chocolate, or something even more fiendish, -such as tickling.