Sunday 3 July 2011

Well, You Could Always Try Passive Resistance...

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On the Discrepancies Between Armour, and um.. Armour for Ladies

Speaking here on behalf of The Knights of the Besmirched Countenance, I can confirm that similar discussions have taken place with the Sisterhood of the Pointy Heels.


(ossum? isn't that what you folks say?)
Here's a great little short: well, I liked it, anyway.

Plot Device from Red Giant on Vimeo.

So. I was thinking of making one of those things. Looks like an E-stop button mounted on the end of a six volt battery case. 4X half inch hex heads...

Illuminated e-stop button, might need an l.e.d. Or a strobe for even better effect...

How does it work? Oh don't be silly. if it looks right, it'll work. You just have to channel your inner eight-year-old.
Via Boing Boing, thanks to Cory Doctorow.