Saturday 13 January 2007

The Small Box

The small box gets its first teeth
And its small length
Its small width and small emptiness
And all that it has got
The small box is growing bigger
And now the cupboard is in it
That it was in before
And now it grows bigger and bigger and bigger
And now has in it the room
And the house and the town and the land
And the world it was in before
The small box remembers its childhood
And by overgreat longing
It becomes a small box again
Now in the small box
Is the whole world quite tiny
You could put it in a pocket
Easily steal it easily lose it
Take care of the small box.

by Vasco Popa

This poem inspired a whole series of small ceramic pieces and drawings for me.
I'm fascinated by contradictions of scale, models in glass cases, giants and dwarves.
So is Til Nowak, maker of the movie in the post below this.

'Delivery', by Til Nowak.

Fantasy shoe day

I shall be wearing these on my voyages. They'll protect my feet from spiky things in the ocean, and leave oversized, strangely non-human footprints on your beach. In order to avoid all the Robinson Crusoe jokes, I shall NEVER land on a blogisland on a friday, unless the owner thereof has never heard of Robinson Crusoe.
RDG: Please note. These are not available with 6" pointy heels. But they are allowed on deck and in the rigging.