Sunday 30 March 2008


Do not ork cows. It is a filthy activity and probably illegal.
Where did the word coworker come from?
At what point did it cease to matter that you do not know where to find the hyphen key on your computer?
Co-worker. A colleague. A fellow worker. Not an orker of cows.
Main Entry:
Middle English, from Latin, from com-; akin to Old English ge-, perfective and collective prefix.

I feel better now for that. Maybe that's what I'll do for a while. Have quick blogrants.
Umm. If you feel that coworker is indeed a valid word, unhyphenated, then don't try to tell me. lalala, I can't hear you... coworkers are people who ork cows:- not colleagues. Unless you are in a cow-orking syndicate. In which case I hope you are arrested soon. And taught the folly of your ways.


No. Just no. It's sick.
Yes, I'm sure your little "Tiddles" is the cleverest/cutest/prettiest cat ever to draw breath. But it's wasted on me. I don't like cats, they are, to me, furry vermin.
You will never see me post an image of a cat on this blog, unless it's to show up some aspect which cat-lovers will hate. Like the stupid ability of cats to get stuck up trees. Leave them to it, I say. When they're hungry enough, they will come down from the tree. One way or another.

P.S. Okay, I'm not quite that curmudgeonly.