Tuesday 8 May 2012

Rusty Metal Revived

We're not allowed to do this in England.
There are just so many things here that are forbidden in our "Road Vehicles, (Construction and Use) Legislation 1986.
I'm guessing that the shiny tank at the front is fuel. I may be wrong but, this looks an unwise placement.. We're required to have guards over our wheels, to the extent that if the vehicle is viewed directly from above, no part of the wheel or tyre can be seen projecting beyond such a guard. An exposed engine is forbidden. Moving, rotating, and hot parts such as the exhaust manifolds must be guarded in such a way as to make them safe. Those forward projecting chassis legs would be deemed too dangerous to pedestrians in a collision. Some kind of full-width bumper bar would be required.


A cool fun car.
Bring on the Beach-Boys music.

I  like to see some of the things american customisers can do, though I think the choice of matt-black paint is a sad one. Easy and cheap, you don't need to be an expert sprayer to use it.
I like that Klaxon, though it's a pity it's not a vintage one. I have one just like it in the landrover, that old-time A-Hoo-Gah! sound works well at scaring people out of your way, including those who'd ignore a normal horn. Mine too has a cheap red plastic trumpet.
Nice detail work, stainless braided goodrich brake-hoses.... got those on the landrover too. They really do make a noticeable difference to pedal feel.
The chrome's a bit crass. as is the plastic radiator fan shroud.  Something fabricated out of bras would be nicer*.

*Or brass, if you're short of bras.

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Rust Never Sleeps

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