Saturday 22 September 2007

Facebook? Blah!

Some of my friends and acquaintances have sent me Facebook invitations.
So far I have not signed up, and can not see any reason why I should.
When I went to the Facebook site, I could not step through the door even to take a look, unless I signed up. Yet at the same time there was no information there as to what Facebook is, nor why I would wish to join up.
A social networking site?
What is that?
I've looked at Myspace, and found it thoroughly dire, I understand facebook to be myspace for grown-ups. Do enlighten me, dear people. Do, please try to explain to me a few reasons why I might want to sign in. Bearing in mind that I have no idea what blogging is about, and have recently been neglectful of my implied commitment to blog every now and then.
Facebook? Blah!