Saturday 19 April 2008

Never, Just Never, Fill Your Tyres With Helium.

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Yuk House

Sounds delightful.
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Viscera..... and Skellingtons!

This just in via Random Good Stuff
3D take-apart and rebuild animal puzzles. I wonder if there's an option to create new hybrids...

link to seller's site. The pig is more expensive than the cow or horse. Why? Horses have 26 pieces, cows ten, and pigs only nineteen. Mostly bacon, then, the pig, -and pork-crackling... I apologise profusely to my vegetarian and vegan visitors, but..... mmmmm, I'm a flesh-ripper at heart. Like your kitty-cat.
Mmm! ....Bacon!!!!

Now the real world is calling. Spring is sprung out there. Time for me to go xxxx.


Short films featuring Backkom Bear, from RG animation studios in Korea.

Save the Bloggers!

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