Tuesday 25 May 2010

A Nasty Outcome

This was the best shelfload in the refired kiln. I refuse to show the nasty stuff that was below it.
I lined them all up, grouped in sickly colours, bubbled glaze, nasty textures. Ugly.
The new sister-in-law said "I can take them and sell them in my dad's shop". Oh no. Oh no no no. She did not understand why I had a hammer in my hand.
There was NOTHING in that kiln that I'd want to sit behind at a craft fair and take responsibility for. Nothing I'd feel even satisfied by, let alone proud of. Nothing I wouldn't feel ashamed to sell.
And it's the glazing, and the glazes that have killed them. The dark blue plate  had rounded  edges on the break, so it broke in the re-heating, not through over vigorous cooling. More even glaze thickness would help, but again, some of the glazes don't seem to have matured, and definitely don't match the descriptions in the catalogue.
So the next stage will be test tiles, new mixes, line-blends, triaxial blends... and an attempt at better control of thicknesses, I stuck one mug VERY badly to the shelf, it was double dipped.
I'll need to grind that bit. 
I'm a bit despondent right at this minute, to be honest. 
I've always been more interested in the making than the glazing, but this is ridiculous.

Bash bash smash, gimme a beer.