Thursday 4 September 2008

Google's New Browser

Blogging today using, as I have been for some time, Blogger in Draft... 
This is, I think, a better, more wordprocessor-like, more able version of Blogger, and simplifies my posting.... It's also how I get a comments box to appear at the foot of the post.... neat features!
More from Google however, I'm composing this in Google's new Beta test web-browser, Google Chrome.
Do i like it? not sure yet.
It's clean and uncluttered, it imports bookmarks, passwords and settings from Firefox or Internet Explorer, I assume it does the same for Safari. Too early to decide whether I'll ditch firefox 3 for this, I suspect not..... but as I learn more features and how to use them , i get more confident.. It works, It's easy to use, free of excess buttonry, do i really need all those widgets in firefox?

So that's Blogger in draft covered, Google Chrome, and now Picasa.
I use Picasa to manage all the pics on my computer, It does all I need, creates web albums, emails pictures, hosts all my blog images, edits images...., Imports from scanner, phone, memory cards, cameras.
It's the best I've tried, and best of all it's FREE!
Now they've released Picasa 3 beta. I'm trying it, will report in a while.
I'd post something, but I'm so tired. Might go have a hot relaxing bath and return refreshed, or I might fall asleep and snore inzzzzzzzzzztead.