Wednesday 19 November 2008

They're Back!

"A Matter of Loaf and Death"

Wallace And Gromit are busy with a new project.... Aardman Animations is making a 30 minute story for BBC1's Christmas programming.
All I am able to reveal here stems from my industrial espionage skills....
(reading The Grauniad, and visiting Aardman's website).

My favourite, absolutely favourite actor ever, has to be Gromit.

And of course, his trusty sidekick, Wallace.
Their house, at 62 West Wallaby street has been converted into a bakery... Monster robotic kneading arms, flour dust, a windmill on the roof, a forklift with hands in oven-gloves... But danger stalks the streets.. bakers are disappearing... a cereal killer is on the loose... Wallace is too in love to notice, but trusty Gromit is the detective on the case..............

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Konevitsan Kirkkon Kellot

Or "The Bells of Konevitsa's Church"
Pic:-Antti Bilund

Piirpauke, a Finnish band

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