Saturday 19 July 2008

"Stuff the Rules of Blogging", I Say.

Sooberkwit here.
I must alopogise, confess, if you like. See, I keep losing my muse and then, sitting at a blank screen, I can't think of anything to say, or at least anything anyone else might be interested to hear.
So I cheat a little and post videos.
And yes, that most recent one, the buzzball, it's been annoying me too.
Now, here and there over the innertent, I keep hearing people tell of "the rules", and they tell of things that you must do, things you must Not do. Well, nobody issued me with a rule book, nor did anyone consult me on the need for rules, so I don't always feel that I need do the obligatory stuff, like, er always commenting on blogs I visit for fear of being labelled a "lurker" In fact, lets hear it for lurkers! I've read many a thousand books, and never once written to an author to praise or kvetch, so does that make me a book lurker?

Anyway. Buzzball. Watch me now as I kill that post. Stone dead. Gone.

F*** the rules. As a boggler, you can kill posts as well as create them. So there.

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