Friday 10 April 2009

Skydiving in High Heels.

This was on The Sisterhood of the Pointy Heel's blog. However, I don't think anyone goes there any more, and updates are few and far. I think the sistahs are too busy polishing their nails, these days.
I think it's my duty to bring it to the attention of a few more people...
In case you were wondering, it's an advert for a washing machine.

There's something not quite right about it though. because elsewhere on the internet, I saw the reality of naked skydiving, which caused me to wince... Ladies, look away now, if you don't want to be haunted by the horror of concave boobies!

Yes. I took the picture away. I got bored with the thousands of visitors who just came to look at that picture. In a way, this was my most popular post. Because of one picture. Go away. seek it elsewhere.

Okay: experiment continues. I'm timing Bing and Google against each other, to see Ohh, well, never mind....
Here it is again......

As for the men... You think dogs wag their tails a lot?