Tuesday 29 May 2007

The Sisterhood of the Pointy Heels

There is a 'Sisterhood of the Pointy Heels'
Did you ever wonder, looking at a small child, toppling its way around the room in mummy's shoes, how they go from that to click-clacking down the high-street, in shoes that seem designed to negate any chance of walking?
Grit in the Gears followed up the rumours of a Sisterhood, and infiltrated our photographer into a secret passing-out ceremony, in a place I dare not reveal.
We warned him that they might take measures against him.
In this picture he has just been struck down by a flying projectile like a boomerang, but which he heard referred to as a "Blahnik". Moments later, the marching throng wheeled, and stamped his camera into the dust. He spent several weeks in a 'hospital' facility on their island, but we managed to negociate his freedom, in return for his body-weight in chocolate.
Actually, we negociated that in the first week.
The other three they spent feeding him stodgy meals.
Only when we stipulated that his weight was measured at a medical examination a week before he was captured did they stop force-feeding him.
Unbeknown to the sisterhood, prior to his capture, he mounted a backup satellite-linked time-lapse camera in a nearby tree.
This image got through the jamming.
Close scrutiny reveals a surprisingly large variation in standard issue shoes.
Grit in the Gears seeks any further information, about the Sisterhood, and its cunning plan.

Fantasy: Shoe Day

I just had a weekend in a very wet countryside. These were in a local shop window.