Friday 26 February 2010

Young Sir Arbuthnot took Nanny's stories very seriously, and, as a consequence, never went out unprepared for the possibility of a zombie ambush.

A Note to All Angels

It has come to my notice that the ongoing saturday-nights out on the town are bringing Angeldom into disrepute. Angels are reminded that wings and halos are NOT to be worn when off duty. 
Angels arrested by police are reminded that the Almighty has expressed an intention to institute immediate transfers to duty in "the other place"
Archangel Gabriel

Advanced Health Warning...

It occurs to me that the health conscious aliens might go for the low-fat humans first.
None of us are safe.

Hans Could Never Resist..

...pissing in combat pianos.

The Story..

The story to fit this picture -has not yet arrived.
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Sometimes, a Bit of Encouragement is Needed

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Some Instructional Videos For Women.

Gary Rith has posted some timely advice for the married lady, here.
I thought I'd add further assistance, for those of you unsure of a woman's place in this rapidly changing world.