Wednesday 14 May 2008

Watch out, Homeland Security....

Henry Koerner. Office of War Information poster, no. 63. 1943. 28 x 20.

Neighbours a bit chubby?
Report them, they may be hoarding fats for some unspecified reason. Call the free number and have them picked up them as soon as possible.
Be vigilant. Watch out for unlicensed liposuctionists. They may be plotting the downfall of our society.
Take waste fats to your friendly local Meat Dealer. The Meat Dealer will turn them into explosives in a government authorised process. Your lard is vital for the nation's safety.

Stop Press:-Donate your excess ankle-fat.
"People admire dainty ankles"

Housewives and butchers all over the country were mobilized to collect cooking fats for conversion to explosive ingredients.

One pound of waste fat equalled 1/10 of a pound of glycerine.

1/10 pound of glycerine equalled 1/5 of a pound of nitroglycerine.

1/5 of a pound of nitroglycerine equalled 1/3 pound of gunpowder.

1/5 of a pound of nitroglycerine equalled ½ pound of dynamite.

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The Avenging Narwhal.

"With four magical tusks, and three adorable animals to impale."

Seal, check, Penguin, check, Koala..... Koala?
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Secma All Terrain

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Okay. I want to play.



The ragged sound quality of the opening bars is on the vinyl record, and on the CD too, so maybe it's meant to be like that. It is NOT corruption of the MP3 file.
This file wouldn't work in's player, must be because its of marathon length.
I'm expecting some of you to hate it absolutely, I never set anything to autoplay, for that reason.
The player is from
They will host all manner of files, and this little player can be had with up to twenty tracks on the playlist.
They also host slideshow presentations, which you can compile and set to music. Pretty neat.