Monday 19 May 2008

Volvo Hot-Rod

This one, I found originally on a site whose owner is unabashedly curmudgeonly.
He posts a load of good stuff, and some I don't care for at all.
He pretty much hates most of his readership, so when it rises above a certain level, he abandons the blog and sets up again with a different name and url.
Usually he gives a few cryptic clues, but that's all.

So no link to him here.

Here's a gem. Scandinavian clean cool lines, nice bit of work.
Ah! Found out more.

"Volvo has shaken off its sensible image to celebrate 80 years of car making with the arrival of the Hot Rod Jakob. This low-slung two-seater roadster is loosely based on the Swedish firm's original OV4 model, which was nicknamed Jakob in the 1920s.

The Hot Rod Jakob's style is in keeping with the original, though the hot rod is shorter and much lower. It also uses the latest technology for its chassis - which is made from carbon fibre - and the engine is Volvo's latest T5 converted to run on eco-friendly ethanol to give 265bhp.

There's a strong mix of classic Volvo parts throughout the Hot Rod Jakob. The steering comes from a 1960's P1800 coupé and some of the braking system was taken from a 140 model from the same decade. There's also a 1990's 940's five-speed gearbox to transmit power to the rear wheels.

There are also plenty of specially made items for the Hot Rod Jakob, including the wheels that have been machined out of aluminium to look like the original's wooden-spoked wheels.

The Hot Rod Jakob was created by Leif Tufvesson and his company Caresto, which has built other one-off Volvo show cars. He says: "We wanted to challenge the usual perceptions of Volvo and show that it's perfectly possible to balance modern design with classic Volvo and hot rod traditions."

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