Thursday 16 August 2012

Big Houses? 'Gated communities?' It's Nothing New.

View from the village.
And the reciprocal view. Just a cannon-shot away, if  the neighbours annoy you.

 An invader's view from the beach.

A long way to lug all your siege equipment, and not exactly easy going with the heavy stuff.
And when you get closer, after all that trudging through the dunes, you find it's all uphill from here

You might just want to stop, sit down, and rethink the whole invasion thing at this point.
I mean, how heavy is a cannonball? And how many have you brought? Need to go back to the ships for a few more?

(This post is an interim one. I did manage a successful invasion, and took photographs, but it's ten-thirty at night and I'm running out of steam.)

A Safety Inspection.

In some of my life, I'm a gas heating engineer, and a part of the job is carrying out service and safety inspections. This is a childcare facility.
Last year they were issued with a warning notice about storing flammable items (cans of paint, cleaning fluids, aerosol cans, cardboard, plastic toys) in the compartment holding a  very big 60 Kilowatt ducted space-heater. Oh. And they were also warned about blocking the ventilation grilles.

See anything wrong with this scenario?
Would you trust these 'trained professional childminders' with your child's life?