Tuesday 7 April 2009

A Puzzling Jug

In my archive of pots from way-back, but unfinished, is this puzzle jug. Ever since potters began to play with clay, they were playing tricks too. A puzzle jug challenges the drinker to drink the contents without spilling, or lose a wager. This one says "Here Gentlemen, come try your skill, I'll hold a wager if you will, That you can't drink this liquor all, without you spill, or let some fall."
If you tip it as normal to your lips, there are pierced holes that will spill. The clue is in those spouts along the rim. The rim is tubular, as is the handle....... But you still have to contend with a number of holes that have to be stopped with fingertips before you can suck the liquid up.
I wish my lettering was neater. Ummm, on the other hand I'm inordinately proud that I managed to make a pulled handle that works.... It took a lot of experimenting before I got it right.
These are from the nineteenth century. Buckley, Flintshire, Wales.

Denholme, Yorkshire.

Liverpool, tin-glazed, 19th century.