Sunday 20 December 2009

What Browser?

Google chrome's ad, here on youtube, is a beautifully made ad. I really love it, clever, witty, improvised, hacked together in the basementy-good.
Only I'm watching it in Firefox. And everything Google is trying to sell here as a virtue in Chrome, Firefox already does for me.
I tried Chrome at beta stage, and wasn't overawed. I tried the current version, just now. Nothing that makes me say Wow!, that's so much better!.

Great ad. Product? um? well, I suppose if you were using internet explorer it might look pretty neat.

I've tried Safari too, and Opera. They're okay, I suppose.
Firefox just works, reliably, quickly, it scrubs ads and banners off the pages before they can load, it's like Chrome, but BETTER!
And there are loads of plugins and add-ons available, should I want them, to custom fit it to my preferences.

Later.... One thing Firefox messes up with is some instances of flashplayer.
Some of my posts contain goear embedded swf files, if i have Adblock plus plugin enabled, these files do not load properly. I can set an exception rule in adblock, for the page, for the element, for the file, but it still won't load. Adblock's f.a.q. says it's firefox, not adblock that causes it.
Mind you, if i disable adblock the music plays.
I don't want to disable adblock, because if I do, I get to see the commercial internet, with advertising all over it. Like people who use other browsers see it.
I don't want to wait for pages to load colour pictures and animated gifs advertising crap I'll never buy.