Wednesday 29 September 2010

Unfilled Vacancy in Fairy World! Apply Now!

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  1. As though tinkerbell didn't already have enough on her hands dealing with a tribe of man-boys - NOW she has to pick up the dog poo as well! Truly, I have seen it all - PC Poo. Whatever happened to just opening up the front door and letting Rover poo in the neighbor's yard ???
    disgusted and muttering, xxx

  2. I have heard you have laws (and even inspectors who enforce them) about not fouling your footpaths, but I never believed it. Truly? You can get cited if your dog does the deed and you just walk on?

  3. interesting, seeing as how i live in a house full of fairies, real and imagined. i'm not big on carrying a bag of shite with me. my dog goes in the alley. of course, a distant "neighbor" was "power-walking" and noticed me avec dog sans plastic bag and felt the need to point out that i was a bad citizen. i immediately replied, i'm glad you disapprove. on further reflection i was and am still astounded that she was able to base the quality of my citizenship on whether it was obvious that i had a baggie with me. what if my dog had uncharacteristically gone #2 twice during that particular walk and i had jettisoned the fecal baggie at the nearest trash can before the second incident occurred.

  4. RDG: Fairies get wings and glitter, and beauty. Of course, in any pact with the devil there's a downside.
    When my dog's finished in your yard, please give me a call and I'll whistle him home.

    RM: You have antipoo laws in the u.s. too. They're pretty widespread, like the dog poo.

    Jim! Back when I had a dog, all this mania for carrying bags of warm shit had not yet been invented. My dog knew he was not permitted to do it on any sort of paved surface, or on short mown grass. He'd disappear off into the bushes or the deep grass, and I'd pretend he wasn't with me.
    How long will it be before they're no longer allowed to pee on trees, lamp-posts, gateposts etc?


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