Sunday, 26 April 2009

Cajun Squirrel Flavour, Anybody?

Or Chili and Chocolate, or, or...
Crisps, people, potato CRISPS.
You Americans call them "chips".
They are not chips. Chips are long and square in cross section. You call them French fries. They are not french. And they are not the pathetic thin sticks Macdonalds serve.
I've tried the Duck and Hoi-sin sauce ones, meh. Likewise the Onion Bhaji. I might try the builders breakfast ones. I'm not exactly yearning to sample Cajun Squirrel. Might as well label it "Roadkill Crisps"... Note however the word "flavour" (yes, by the way, there is a "u" in flavour).. It does not claim to actually contain cajun squirrel, just its flavour.
My favourite crisps are potato flavoured.
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