Wednesday, 24 September 2008

A few pictures from Whitby, North Yorkshire, England

"Why?", you may ask, well, "Why not?", I may reply...
The reason is that Max, at Britishspeak, a blog in which he, an American, seeks to make sense of Englishness. Obviously, impossible, but he recently posted a portion on fish and chips, noting that the Daily Mail? had said that Whitby had britain's best fish and chips. I know. Debateable, subjective etc... Ohhh. I see top fish-chef and renowned foodie, Rick Stein has said the Magpie Cafe in Whitby has the best fish and chips in britain.. I see. I wonder how Rick managed to try them all?
And how he kept track of the scores?
Max posted a pic of the swingbridge.
I thought I might offer a bit more of Whitby, for his readers, should they care to look.
The pics here were taken toward the end of a long day out across North Yorkshire, I'll post a few of other places soon, the sun was sinking, and the light was fading, but I like Whitby in all weathers. I've been there in a blizzard, and in rain, and grey morning sea-mist, as well as full-on summer sun.
On the day these pics were taken, we found a group of people sitting on the quay, man with megaphone etc... On asking what was going on, we discovered it was the fishermen's rowing club regatta. hence the pic of an upturned boat.
Oh.... one picture in the above set is NOT of Whitby... It's where the road into the village of Robin Hood's Bay ends. it just turns into the slipway into the North Sea. I can think of worse places to sit and ponder as day yields to darkness. Whitby, of course, was where Count Dracula came ashore in Bram Stoker's book, so, having no garlic or crucifixes, nor silver bullets, we decided to get out of town before sundown.

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  1. That is so freak'n picturesque. I love it. I live in the Pacific Northwest. We have ships. harbors & everything, too. funny how it looks different then that.

  2. Best Fish n Chips In The World!

  3. I met a delightful man in Denver, retired from the Royal Air Force and living in Kent when he wasn't on the road preforming some secret mission for his country. His second topic of conversation was a query as to where a man could go to find decent fish and chips in these parts. I never try to understand Britishness, I just enjoy it. Especially since his first topic of conversation was about how great I looked in the black high heel boots and short skirt. I told him I never ate fried foods or potatoes. Fortunately he had the good sense not to go back home and start a blog trying to explain Americans.

    Oh, lovely pictures. The one of the boat filled with flowers reminds me of my son's favorite story book from his childhood.

  4. my photographs were better ... but the memories are just as beautiful.


  5. I don't have a any photographs of Whitby, and these are nice.

  6. This is now on my "must-see" list. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Oh I'm a bad blogger for failing to respond to comments....
    But here I am at last.. Jenny? If the man and the kids like railways, there's the fantastic railway museum in York, there's a steam railway, the North York Moors railway to get to Whitby in style, there's Rievaulx Abbey, there's Helmsley, there's the Yorvik Viking Experience...
    You won't be bored.
    Kurt: I have lots of photographs of Whitby. Feel free to take a few!
    Anonymous: Of course your photographs were better.... pah! XXX!

    Spellbound: Fish'n'chips in Denver?
    I know where to get them in Houston, though.
    That delightful ex airforce man.... Sounds like my brother-in-law, except for the Kent bit. He'd appreciate the heels and short skirt.
    Tony: the chips are good, but I'm allergic to fish, so can't review the haddock.
    Handmaiden: Whitby's been seafaring for millennia. It't a lovely little town. Captain Cook, he who first described Australia, sailed out of Whitby in 1747.


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