Sunday 1 April 2007

The Blog Archipelago Revisited

Artwork by Roger Dean.

Back in January, I wrote of The Blog Archipelago , a concept that struck me at the time to cover my concept of bloggers and their works, and how we interact. That we are travellers on a sea dotted with myriad islands, the Blogs.
Since then I've travelled far, made new friends, alienated one or two also.
We drop into a blog from all sorts of directions, sometimes through a link off another page, sometimes via a search for a phrase. And sometimes we very quickly decide that the content and style of a page is not for us, and move on, or the converse, we feel quite at home and stay, until we see the clock out of the corner of our eye, and gasp, wondering how so much time could have slipped by whilst we browsed.
As a Blogger (or Bluffer), I always hope for feedback.
Does anybody like what I do? Did what I said garner a positive or a negative response? How will I know if you don't stop to leave a comment?
Today, there are extra visitors, because I got a much appreciated mention on Draw Conclusions on the Wall a blog which leads me into much thought and philosophising. If anyone out there was taught to spell 'Dilemna' as it appears here, and not as 'Dilemma', David at Conclusions would like to hear from you.
There's much more there besides, and of course, the bloggers treasure map.... links to other islands.
Also, I got linked by Hanan, at Growabrain.
Hanan's following is huge... Some seven million page hits in the last three years. I've accounted for several hundreds of those, over the years. His energy and dedication to daily content shames me, and I can recommend, if you're ever bored, at a loose end, stuck at home with a broken leg or the flu, a visit to Hanan's archives will soon give your brain a new lease of curiousity. I tend to visit every day. But I confess I never get to follow every link trail he sets.
What amazes me is that for every topic he blogs, he must search over several more that he deems not to quite make the grade.
Here, though, is the link twixt Hanan and me.
A couple of weeks back he was wondering why he does this, whether anyone cares. Despite the seven million page hits he was having doubts. Just like me with my handful of hits.
And that, largely, is down to the paucity of feedback from visitors.
I know we won't comment on every blog we visit. And if there's a big heap of comment, our voices may be superfluous anyway, but please, every few blogs, leave a few words. Positive or negative, it all helps the blogger in future decisions.
If you've tarried a while here, and have thoughts good or bad, please spare a moment to comment. And thank you for dropping by.


  1. I love the metaphor of the blog archipelago. And, especially lately when my brain has been in a dense fog, it's great to emerge on a treasured blog island now and then. I will definitely check out Hanan.

    By the way, I've learned of a lot of cool things at your blog - e.g And, I love most of the videos. The recent one from Ed Alleyne-Johnson blew me away.

  2. You are right Mr S, comments are sustenance to the blogger. I will admit to being a bit of a blogging butterfly, squeezing my blogging needs in between writing.
    As for my own blog, I adore the banter, the vitriol, the discussion and the stupid lines that some comment threads have taken on some of my posts. Today I even had one who came in and said "Oh bum. Oh absolute bum" - which made me laugh, a lot!

  3. I've tarried.
    I can feather as well, but I don't want you to sneeze...
    The World of Blog is an odd one indeed. I think of myself as a very tiny part of an immense meme.
    Meme Minutae.
    But that's because I've never been able to wrap my tongue around the word "archipelago" with any degree of eloquence.

  4. i strictly avoid any blog that averages more than i5 comments a day...anything more than 10 is suspect.

  5. oh, yeah, I'm still waiting for something from the Oyster band, unless they are just not your cup o' tea!
    And that I just can't imagine.

  6. so here is me sparrowing a momentary comment that you so humbly requested....setting sail again I see.....on your wooden ship with billowing that an eagle's nest I spy above?

    Every ship needs a keep the mice population at bay.....

    I believe I will just climb up, curl up, and dream, dream, dream.....


  7. I did reply to the comments a few days ago, but in my customary incompetent manner I somehow wiped it before saving... here I am again.
    David:-The blog archipelago. It works for me, anyway. Might even be the most profound and insightful idea I've had so far.
    I like the idea though, that there are all these varied islands, of differing tone, points of view, skewed realities and awaiting marvels.
    And that, on landing, we can stay to explore, make new friends, be chased off by crazies and rabid dogs, discover new truths or scoff at patent falsehoods.
    No different, really, in many ways to a great library. Except that here we can interact, make contact, scrawl notes in the margin.
    So much more to think and do.
    My poor brain then, has often to make the choice of abandoning fascinating trails, because there isn't time to engage with them all.
    Goear is currently frustratingly broken, embedded players not working, and a message in Spanish that server problems have plagued them and are currently being fixed.
    Beyond that, no real attempt to engage with those of us who thought they were a great idea.
    So far, I know at least two visitors to this blog have bought cds by Ed Alleyne Johnson, which I think rather proves that blog exposure is a form of free advertisement for musicians.
    Hanan? Well, I'll never get to work out how he finds so much of interest, every day without fail.
    Minx:- This post was a little tongue in cheek, apropos an ongoing discussion with another person on my non-commenting on various blogs.
    Sometimes it just seems superfluous to comment, and I have nothing new or clever or witty to say. So I say nothing.
    And I hate all those wicked verification routines so I'm lazy too.
    I've also been in trouble for leaving negative comments. Seems to me that negative comments are as valid as positive ones, but I got accused of leaving hate-mail for disagreeing with someone....
    Trollop 23:-Might I remind you of that boy in your school, sat at the back of the room, when you were nine years old? Archie? Archie something? Oh. Yes.
    Pelago, Archie Pelago. His great grandfather, it is said, gave his name to Pelagonium, better known now as Geraniums...
    that Tar and Feather stuff. I understand butter brings it off, eventually. but in your snowy lands, you might be better wearing the feathers for a few months more.
    Steve:-15 comments a day? Never happen.
    Huge peak on the site counter rollercoaster graph, from growabrain referrals, followed by a frighteningly vertical dive back to normal trivial numbers.
    But no comments.
    I was puzzled.
    A little.
    Until someone informed me I hadn't enabled commenting on the Embroidery and Kittens post. Ooops!
    So I enabled it.
    Still no comments.
    I'll post another soon. Might get some feminist hatemail from those who lack a funny bone.
    Well, I heard them at Cropredy a couple of years back.
    Underwhelmed. Thing is, they seemed not to be stamping their own mark on the music, just going over stuff others had done, and done better, so there's no Oysterband on my hard drive as yet, and precious little on Youtube. I dare say I could find some, but, is it worth the effort? I think not.
    On the other hand, You've got me listening again, after about twenty years.. to Townes Van Zandt. A guy who clearly did have things of his own to say.
    Red Dirt Girl:-yes, indeed, ships and cats seem to go together.
    cats, on the other hand are things I'm allergic to, so i'm more likely to be cynical about them than most. Cute and fluffy does not buy a ticket.
    Ships cat is expected to catch its own fish, and any mice or rats which venture aboard.
    Albatrosses are NOT to be hunted by the cat. Ever. No bones to be left aboard after meals.
    No being sick on the cabin floor either. Don't chew the rigging.
    Otherwise welcome aboard....

  8. Just came from Steves (bulletholes in the mailbox), wondering where you were...

    I totally agree - the number of visitors we have, who 'lurk' as I believe it's called!! I, myself. never 'lurk' - I can't keep my ideas to myself (no matter how hard I try) - so if I visit, you'll know! :-)

    Congratulations on your mentions on the other blogs... you obviously think deeply about stuff, and your comments reflect this. It's good to know there's someone who says what they mean, and means what they say (even if others don't always agree :-D )

    I think I'm going to have to get a boat to travel the seas, but have to also admit that I'm a native, and quite enjoy drifting between the folk/ islands I already know...

    I shall, however, return to your island! :-)

  9. ach! a ship's captain allergic to cats??? who would have ever thought??? well rather than skulk about the bowels of a ship's owner and admitted fish hater, I believe I spy a wondrous, fantastical, magical vessel of a sprite passing by....yoooouuu whoooooo (i'm calling out to her.....) Permission to climb aboard......!!!???

    Why look, she's welcoming me with open arms AND she has a wetsuit ready.....prepare to abandon ship!

    good luck with your beast infestation.....I'll be off with the sprite (lovely thing isn't she???)


  10. Sad to hear it Souby; i have the OB's Live album and "Wide Blue Yonder" and like them both...but they are old and things change. Oh well! If you like tones, try Guy Clarks "Cold Dog Soup" album.

  11. Well I thought it was interesting- the writing part I found highly entertaining. I don't have the patience for utube movies yet, maybe later. I usually only have a hour max at a time on the puter 'cause of baby.


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