Friday, 26 October 2012

Trading in Newly-Hatched Humans:

Seen today in a shop window:

I thought it was a given definition for 'babies' that they're either 'new, or 'nearly new'. 
Wonder how they're priced? By weight? By fragrance?

 Still, instead of putting the kids in the trash bin, (children, kids, = 'too old to be babies'), you  could always take the greener alternative and recycle them.
( No more than 4 at a time though)
"As what?", I hear you ask.
Who knows.
Crow-scarers, maybe?
Truculent moochers?

And "*free table hire*"?

Are babies a good investment right now?
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  1. Kids in trash bins .... not your fault, but not so funny in light of the recent murder of Autumn Pasquale whose body was found stuffed in a recycling bin ~

    lots of news clips - this one is from your local source.


  2. I wasn't aware of the trash bin connection.

    The story you link is a tragedy, but not all children/trash bin stories are.
    My cousin stuffed me in a trash bin when I was about five, took a photograph and won a prize for it. What did I get? Old banana peels, I think.

  3. Baby's are never a good investment, if it's all about money. As a parent, you lose.

    However, if you're in it for more than money, that's a whole other thing and nothing is quite as rewarding. But it's hard work, it's expensive, and it can wring you out emotionally.


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