Sunday, 28 October 2012

Yesterday's Clouds.

Snapped out of the car window, these clouds appear to be 'lenticular clouds', not as clearly defined as some, but quite at odds with all the other clouds in the sky. In the most distant one, you can see a slight convex trail of thin cloud both before and after it. I understand these clouds are most often formed where a mass of moist air is pushed upward over a mountain or ridge. These? well, they seemed to be travelling toward the south-west, and the last big range of hills they'll have passed over would be the cleveland hills, or the North York Moors. 
Usually clouds are travelling approximately eastwards here. (Lower Wharfedale).

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  1. You know I would be the last person to denigrate the peaks of the Cleveland Hills or the purple majesty of of the North York Moors, but, seriously, you need to get these poor clouds some actual mountains to frolic and spin above.

  2. Nice picture, though. Sorry I forgot to add that to the first comment.

  3. We can't afford mountains here in Yorkshire. And if we could, our birds would just crash into them, they're not used to going up above the snow-line.


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