Thursday, 25 October 2012

Even Spacegirls Get the Blues.


  1. Well that's a typical woman that would not look at a map and is now lost.

    The music is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. There were two Sunny Boy Williamsons. This fellow is the more recent. The previous was stabbed in an alley in Chicago (but he did the mouth organ just as well, but different.

  3. Adullamite. I have a pic that I dare not post of RDG puzzling over a map, doing that girl thing where they turn it upside down, and side to side, to try make it fit reality. Or I think that was what she was doing...

    Bulletholes, I almost posted a long Beefheart track where he channels Blind Willie...

    Goatman, you are one cool frood.
    Your mind is full of fascinating things, or, at least, a heap of stuff I find fascinating.
    And that Red Dirt Girl speaks very highly of you too.

    Not many people would know about even one Sonny Boy Williamson, so you get an extra gold star.

    I have to say I prefer number two, even though he wasn't really a Williamson at all.

  4. Me too, with number two. I ordered Sonny Boy music once and it came through with the first Sonny which was in the oldy style black-blues, the original blues, which takes some getting used to.
    You know y'all are invited up here to the old shanty if you ever make it back across the pond.


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