Wednesday, 20 October 2010

A thing that makes no sense.

I was in the supermarket, hungry, which is a bad thing to be when pushing a trolley, because all sorts of things you'd never normally buy suddenly seem like a good idea.
And no, ladies, I'm a man, of course i don't have a list. Nor am I absolutely sure what's already in my kitchen... So I'm going to get amounts of stuff I have already, but hey, I like it, so it'll get eaten... Well, maybe not, maybe it will go mouldy and I'll chuck it out, like the grapes that were such a bargain.....

Anyway, the point of this was... I was looking at frozen pizzas, no, I didn't buy any, I was just ogling them... And- there's a whole genre of "stonebaked" pizzas.
But the damn things are frozen, pasty things with unmelted cheese atop them.  Stonebaked? If I had a stone oven, they might be. Otherwise they're going to be electrically steelbaked pizzas.
Do they make the pizza dough, sling it onto a hot stone for ten seconds, then chuck some toppings on, bag it and freeze it? Because it seems to me that I'd be  the pizza baker, not Goodfellas.


  1. It means there are stones in it as the dough dell on the floor in the factory.

  2. You have it, soub- best thing is to get your own stone (aka clean kiln shelf)
    put it in the oven, heat it up well as you make the pizza, sling it on the stone and bake!
    Next best thing to having a real brick oven I suppose

  3. Guessing Goodfellas is a UK pizza chain?

  4. Stones in it? Hmmm. Stonebaked?

    Kiln shelf? Maybe a kiln.

    As for whether Goodfellas is a british pizza chain?
    Well, I thought so too. But no, it's a brand name for a company that makes foods for supermarket chains. They like to pretend it's american, if the box art is to be believed. I thought they were from Chicago!

  5. i thought being stoned meant i was half-baked .... MWAHAAAAAA !!!xxx

  6. It's just another marketing ploy. "Stone baked"sounds so much more enticing than "basic ingredients provided more expensively than if you assembled them yourself, and you also get to bake it in your inadequate home oven." Irresistible!

  7. RDG, You are definitely fully-baked.
    Although, it's true, these pizzas are half-baked at best.

    Hearts, You're quite right, but trying to fling pizza dough in my kitchen, which is about the size of a small phone-box, would result in an expensive waste of materials.
    In my defence, I'll say I almost never buy frozen pizzas, it just seemed like a good idea at the time.

  8. Talking of halfbaked.....

  9. Goodfellas is a brand name of Northern Foods, headquartered in Leeds. Stay away from that frozen supermarket stuff or I'll tell Martha Stewart on you.

  10. Max: Headquartered in LEEDS!???
    In my own home town? How can it be I knew not of this great evil?

  11. hi soub, i think under that logical exterior there hides a yet undiscovered ad man. i give it 3 - 5 years before we start seeing those "steelbaked" pizzas on the shelves


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